The quiz is a daily event that happens 18:30 (6:30pm) gametime. There are 30 questions each quiz and every question has 3 answers, 1 right and 2 wrong. (A, B, C) There is a 10 second timer as soon as a question is answered and then 10 seconds to answer it.

There are 3 bonuses that can help you with the quiz. You default at 3, however with VIP Benefits you can obtain more per quiz. The bonuses are as follows:

  1. Double Points
  2. Remove 1 Incorrect Answer
  3. Redo an answer

There are 2 achievements can be obtained from quiz. They are:

  • Scholarship - Get every Quiz Spectacular question correct (3 points)
  • Win Quiz Spectacular 8 times (7 points) [You need to be First Place 8 times]
Questions with Answers
Question A, B, C Answer
According to the verse starting "Lizzie Borden took an axe," what did she give her mother? A 40 Whacks
What kind of animal traditionally lives in a sty? A Pig
Which of the following telephone area codes is not a toll-free call in the United States? B
For 10 years, Cape Canaveral was renamed for which American president? B John F. Kennedy
A particular hazard for motorists is black ...? B Ice
Which of these is a carnivorous plant? C Venus flytrap
Which of the following is not promised by a would-be Boy Scout when he takes his oath? B Emotionally level
Which of these musical instruments does not have a double reed? A Clarinet
Some Native American tribes traditionally represent their lineages by carving what? A Totem Poles
In which of these media are important news stories features "above the fold"? C Newspaper
Shortly after WWII, a famous war crimes tribunal was held where? B Nuremberg
Which board game is known as 'checkers' in the USA? C Draughts
The sum of the lengths of all the sides of a hexagon is a measurement of what? A Perimeter
By definition, a person with rickets is deficient in which of these nutrients? A Vitamin D
Which of these words is derived from the Latin word meaning "left hand"? B Sinister
An older person is sometimes described as 'long in the ...'? A Tooth
In most U.S. states, which of these crimes is a capital offense? C Murder
Someone capable, is said to have 'a safe pair of ...'? C Hands
Which place is not associated with a type of cake? B Middlesbrough
Which metal lends its name to a US five-cent coin? C Nickel
What type of steroids have a protein-building effect? C Anabolic
In which of the following cities is NATO headquartered? C Brussels
When written in lowercase, which of these letters in the English alphabet has a dot on top? B J
Christina Aguilera recorded a song for the soundtrack album of which of these animated movies? B Mulan
Which of these events occurred in what is known as the "antebellum South"? C Siege at Harpers Ferry
Which is not a type of antelope? A Gorilla
In the U.S., if it's not Daylight Saving Time, it's what? A Standard Time