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67 Servers

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Pirate Shanty

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US East

Servers are used by a computer or more to host the game for people playing an MMORPG. As Lunaria Story is quite famous now, there are different servers for every player to choose and play with their own characters.

You can only own one character per server.

List of ServersEdit


# Server Name Area
[S26] Marshlands US PST
[S29] Pearl Lagoons US PST
[S33] Crystal Cove US PST
[S37] Mermaid Lagoons US PST
[S44] Mermaid Bay US PST


  • Out of all the servers, US East has the most amount of servers; 28 servers. (If you don't count the beta server 'test ').
    • Following that, Oceanic has the second-most amount of servers; 17 servers.
    • Ironically, despite starting before Oceanic, Europe has the third-most amount of servers with only one less than Oceanic; 16 servers.
    • US PST has the least amount of servers; 5 servers.
  • Some may or may not consider the 'test' beta server to be a server at all. If you click it, you will be lead to the usual tab/window/browser that allows you to play the game, but everything will be black and you will see the message; (All Lunaria Story servers are currently undergoing maintenance. Downtime servers will be 1-2 hours.)